What We Do

Where broadcasters once held power, with exclusive command over the viewing experience, social customers now rule. They are looking for a direct channel to dialogue with brand or companies and they trust a lot more what they learn from their network rather than what is shouted loudly by the companies. 

Design & Strategy

We believe branding is more about creating patterns rather than shouting messages. Brand today exists in multiple mediums, defined by multiple voices. We help our customer designing their pattern to be able to respond in real-time and at a local level.


Digital and video content are the most powerful tool to create brand consistency. Our production skill and attitude enable multiple level of communication, we use “transmedia storytelling” with different channels communicating different things.


The device we choose to use is often driven by our context: where we are, what we want, etc. We understand all of the ways that people consume media and allow media producers and brands to tailor their strategies to each channel on multiple screens.